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Monday, 10 February 2014

Pond quilt

This is a WIP from last year, its a wallhanging for my Mum as she has a pond in her garden.

  I taped several A4 sheets together and traced the applique, I could then play around with placing the swirls.

All marked out ready for quilting.

I made two lilies using this tutorial

I added some fishy scales

I used a light blue isacord thread and a silver metalic thread just in small areas of the swirls to add a touch shine and catch the light.

The lilies need to have beads in their centres and I plan to make one more dark pink one, but for now I am going to call it finished and give it to my Mother to hang in her house.

It has been a very miserable start weather wise to 2014, its been raining and dark most days so opportunities to take nice photo's of what I'm working on have been hard to come by, It was my goal to blog more often this year but I hate not having nice photo's to use, so hopefully when the weather cheers up a bit that will happen, I'm also torn about whether to post more often about the same quilt but showing photo's of my progress or wait til I've finished it and then do one full  post?

Anyways I'm off to do Just Dance with my daughter, who's waited very patiently for me :)

Happy sewing!


Penny said...

Nice job Patricia, your Mum will love it I'm sure. I love the quilting you did on the fish's scales and the metalic thread was a good choice also. I think you should post more often, showing your progress a long the way. I'm always interested to see what you are working on. Take care- Penny

Leah said...

This is beautiful! Love the flowers, love the quilting, love the fish!! Love it all!