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Monday, 24 February 2014

Isacord on a bobbin

Ever since I started using isacord thread, I've had trouble winding it onto the bobbin, its soooo slippery, many a bobbin has been abandoned because it hasn't wound on nicely or started off ok and then gone pear shaped, starting to wind it on has been a trial too because as soon as I let the thread tail go it unravels!
Anyway through trial and loads of error,  I've mastered it!

Unless the bobbin I just wound successfully is a one off :)

The trick is start off slow, leave the tail go when you are sure that it is well covered by thread build up, then speed up while simultaneously pinching the thread between your finger tips to create a small bit of tension while moving it very slowly up and down to ensure an even feed!

You cannot under exterminate the happiness, you can have from a nicely wound bobbin.... such simple pleasures.

Flower Ball quilt

Right decision made, its marked up ready to baste so the fun bit should be starting soon!

Flower Ball quilt

I still haven't settled on a quilting design for the borders, every time I think I've found the perfect one, doubts creep in and I'm back on the Internet seeking more inspiration.
The latest design is totally inspired by LuAnne Kessi's sketch pad, I can't provide a link, as I'm posting from my phone, but Google her its really worth it :)
This is my version and I think its a keeper, I'm going to play around some more with filler designs for the circles and raid my house for different size bowls etc to draw around.
Have a great day!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Flower ball quilt

I have removed all the papers from the hexies, I did think that it would be difficult but it was like shelling peas :) and it was so satisfying to see how pretty it looked without all the basting stitches, I then discovered that some fabrics were more see through and you could see how messy it was!
So I have given it a trim! and it definitely looks better now.
I have also been playing around with quilting designs, I placed a sheet of glass over the top and then scribbled away until I found some that I liked.
I'm hoping to mark it up and baste it tomorrow.
Have a lovely weekend.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Windows into my world

I've started a new epp quilt, its another sphere wall hanging designed by Geta from Geta's studio called Windows into my world. 
I like to have a portable project in my hand bag.
I am using batik fabrics and the same teal    fabric as my Flower ball quilt and plan to hang them alongside each other in my hallway.
The pattern is a download that you print out and tape together, before cutting it up into the single pieces.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Flower Ball quilt

I'm nearly all set for a bit of quilting, my isacord thread arrived on Friday along with a new batting to try.
I have chosen a polyester one by hobbs, it was really creased coming out of its wrapper, so I popped it in the drier but now it seems too poofy!, when it's sandwiched I think a bit of ironing might help tame it, before quilting.
Hope you enjoy a restful Sunday :)

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Flower Ball quilt

Its been a while since I posted my progress on this quilt,  its not been easy to decide on what fabric background to use and in the end I just went with my favourite colour.
The papers are still in and I'm sewing it with a whip stitch to the teal fabric, so it will be ready to be sandwiched and quilted.
I have no idea yet what designs to use, but hopefully a plan will come soon, I am really excited to quilt on my horizon as its sews so beautifully, I have settled on using isacord thread which both me and the horizon love, I bought a isacord colour card so choosing matching threads is easy.
I am also trying out a new to me batting, its a hobbs polyester, it hasn't arrived yet, its only the crib size one in case I don't like it much :)

Happy sewing!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Pond quilt

This is a WIP from last year, its a wallhanging for my Mum as she has a pond in her garden.

  I taped several A4 sheets together and traced the applique, I could then play around with placing the swirls.

All marked out ready for quilting.

I made two lilies using this tutorial

I added some fishy scales

I used a light blue isacord thread and a silver metalic thread just in small areas of the swirls to add a touch shine and catch the light.

The lilies need to have beads in their centres and I plan to make one more dark pink one, but for now I am going to call it finished and give it to my Mother to hang in her house.

It has been a very miserable start weather wise to 2014, its been raining and dark most days so opportunities to take nice photo's of what I'm working on have been hard to come by, It was my goal to blog more often this year but I hate not having nice photo's to use, so hopefully when the weather cheers up a bit that will happen, I'm also torn about whether to post more often about the same quilt but showing photo's of my progress or wait til I've finished it and then do one full  post?

Anyways I'm off to do Just Dance with my daughter, who's waited very patiently for me :)

Happy sewing!