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Saturday 22 February 2014

Flower ball quilt

I have removed all the papers from the hexies, I did think that it would be difficult but it was like shelling peas :) and it was so satisfying to see how pretty it looked without all the basting stitches, I then discovered that some fabrics were more see through and you could see how messy it was!
So I have given it a trim! and it definitely looks better now.
I have also been playing around with quilting designs, I placed a sheet of glass over the top and then scribbled away until I found some that I liked.
I'm hoping to mark it up and baste it tomorrow.
Have a lovely weekend.


Lynette said...

What an amazing border quilting design - I am so jealous that you can just draw feathers like that. :D They are so very painstaking for me. The quilt looks great with the trimming - must have been a pretty big job doing that, though.

charlotte said...

What an amazing way to figure out quilting designs. You are brilliant. This is going to be lovely.