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Monday, 24 February 2014

Isacord on a bobbin

Ever since I started using isacord thread, I've had trouble winding it onto the bobbin, its soooo slippery, many a bobbin has been abandoned because it hasn't wound on nicely or started off ok and then gone pear shaped, starting to wind it on has been a trial too because as soon as I let the thread tail go it unravels!
Anyway through trial and loads of error,  I've mastered it!

Unless the bobbin I just wound successfully is a one off :)

The trick is start off slow, leave the tail go when you are sure that it is well covered by thread build up, then speed up while simultaneously pinching the thread between your finger tips to create a small bit of tension while moving it very slowly up and down to ensure an even feed!

You cannot under exterminate the happiness, you can have from a nicely wound bobbin.... such simple pleasures.

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