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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Flying geese applique quilt

I finally started quilting today, I have really procrastinated (big word for me LOL) over this quilt!, I had loads of spare hours today and so I was determined to start quilting.

Still with no quilting plan at all, I decided to start with one applique block, so I quilted around the block and then around the applique and then sat and stared at the quilt again!

What I really wanted to do was all over feathers inside the block, but I knew my quilting ability was not up to that challenge yet and also I wasn't sure if that motif would work.

So this is what I very suddenly decided to do, I marked it with my blue washable pen before I could change my mind and started quilting.

I cant believe I got lucky and it worked out so well, since this picture was taken, I have quilted the block next to it the same way and sewn all the prep work ready on the other blocks, so tomorrow I can finish quilting the feathers.

I now can't decide which filler design to use inside the feathers, so I'm off to the The freemotion project  for some inspiration!

I'm so happy that my sewing worked out today, I really thought I would be spending my quality time with my  unpicker!

I hope you had some quality sewing time with your projects today too!



LynCC said...

Hey, that looks fantastic!

It's so hard to get motivation up to do the quilting when there's no design calling out. You found a really neat one, though.

Stitches said...

I'm glad that you didn't procastinate any longer because I think your quilting and the design look wonderful...

Cherry Red Quilter said...

You have done a fantastic job! Well Done - good luck with the rest but i am sure you will do fine!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

you're doing a wonderful job with it

Patsy Thompson said...

One word...GORGEOUS!

The Nifty Stitcher said...

you're quilting looks great patricia. very nicely done. sometimes its best just to go for it... bull by the horns and all that. you're so talented anyway i can't believe you would mess anything up.

Annabella said...

Your blog is lovely - I came across you on the discussion board for the HAL new bloggers thread. Your quilting is amazing as are your finished quilts!

Karin said...

I can't believe you're free motion quilting this! I am in AWE!