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Sunday, 26 June 2011

My sewing room

I have had some new additions to my sewing/dining room, I had a new red chair and extra large cutting mat for my birthday and some neat stuff from a trip to IKEA today.

This is my sewing area

My new red metal drawers
My new mini light
I often struggle to have enough light when I'm sewing, so this mini spotlight will be ideal.
A new red laptop table
I bought this little table for when I am sewing large quilts, to help support the weight of them.

Where I store my knee lift and foot pedal 

My cutting table
My fabric cupboard
Ruler and applique bag
I don't have my own sewing room just one wall of our dining room so I try to make the best use of space I can, my design wall is on the darkest side of the room but on the largest free wall, so I often struggle to take true colour photo's.

The only thing missing is this quilt that still needs its hanging sleeves, but I hope to hang it above my sewing machine some time next week.

I hope you enjoyed your tour :)
Happy sewing!



Connie said...

Love your quilting space! The red is so perfect. It is hard to believe this is in your dining room. Sorry I missed your birthday....Happy Birthday!

pcflamingo said...

What a lovely, tidy, organized space! I am in awe! I appreciate your struggle to have enough light in your sewing area. My son teases me that my sewing room is "lit up like the surface of the sun" and that the police are going to think I have a marijuana grow operation underway.....

LynCC said...

Love the red touches in your creative space! So cheery. Gives great incentive to get the sleeve on the quilt so you can display it, too. :D

Mary-Kay said...

Great use of the space you have. I hope your light is enough. We like lots of light in this house. When we were finishing up the computer room and the sewing room, my husband's poker playing buddies stopped in for a tour. As he was taking them downstairs, the guys all whipped out sunglasses. They made jokes about new power stations being built for all that extra power we were going to need. Needless to say, our bills are a little high.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

well; thank you for your nice comment. I was just on your blog; as you can see...lol...everything there is beautiful right down to the red lamp....very very nice

Shruti said...

I love your sewing room... I just started a new blog dedicated to sewing spaces... Would you like to be featured in it? Please email me if you're interested and we can decide on a date...