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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Rose quilt , a bit of progress!

I have finished hand sewing three out of the four corner motif's, the last is not far behind...   tomorrow I plan to finish  machine sewing around the buds ready for its design wall Monday pics.

When all the sewing is finished I have a million threads that need to be buried in the back of the quilt (Oh dear!) I did start off with good intentions to bury my threads as I went along but threading the needle was difficult anyway so I soon abandoned that idea. But I did buy myself a needle threader for my upcoming 40th birthday, So I might sneak that gift early to save myself  lots of frustration.

Earlier this week I had a go at freemotion sewing a feather wreath , the first one was rubbish I struggled with the outside curve, so for my next attempt I drew another circle for me to sew out towards and that worked much better!  I will keep practicing until I'm confident, but luckily the fabric in the centre is red so the flaws will not be very apparent!

1st effort

2nd attempt with outside circle drawn in as guide

View of the back

My last Dan Brown audio book has also finished and next up is the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit that should keep me going for a while!!


Sarah said...

It looks like you have a great start on your feather wreaths.

Lori said...

psst--to bury threads use *self threading* needles. They make it EASY!

Kathy Drew said...

I wish I could sit in your space and watch you work. I love all your quilts and the fabrics you use. Your blog is such fun. Thanks for all you have shared.