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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Design Wall Monday

Its been a week of quilting, its lovely to be back on my sewing machine after weeks of hand applique.

I have free motioned around the applique (thank goodness for invisible thread as I'm still learning this skill!)

Then in the centre of the quilt, I quilted my one sided whimsical feathers, I downloaded the pattern off Patsy Thompson's website, I marked out the stem only, and then in the centre of the feathers I quilted the scrolls.

Next I started the borders, but with two sided feathers this time.

I will fill in around the feathers with more scrolls.

Thanks for stopping by, check out some more quilts at Judys Blog!


amy said...

Wow! That's stunning!

Bonnie said...

Great job. I am totally impressed that you are doing this on a domestic machine rather than a long arm. I've got the long arm but I am a chicken where feathers are concerned. This is a great looking piece.

charlotte said...

Wow!! That is a striking quilt. You are doing an excellent job. I have never wanted a red quilt before, but now I really do!! Great job on the quilting too.

Amy said...

Your quilting is really impressive, lovely job on the quilt1

Barb said...

Your free motion is just awesome....totally!!

Cecilia said...

This is looking good. I do the Patsy T. feathers too. Now on the longarm,but started on the DSM.

AnnieO said...

Really pretty!

Frank said...

Totally breathtaking. The quilting is just adding to the Wow! from last week!


QuiltSwissy said...

Sorry, I didn't realize I was posting from Frank's account.....hate this computer! LOL. Quilt still looks great though!

glen: lol

Ivory Spring said...


Your quilt and quilting are STUNNING!

Thanks for visiting me and leaving the comment so that I can visit you back.

Joan said...

Had a lovely visit to your bolg - your quilting is beautiful!