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Friday, 25 March 2011

New foot

To ease my big disappointment at missing a Sewing for Pleasure/Fashion & Embroidery show, I sent for a new open toe freehand embroidery foot.
(I was going to get one for my birthday, but this excuse came along first!)

And at last I can see,  what a difference its makes!
I am much better at sewing over previous stitches now (a must with feathers) .
Another thing I have tried today which worked, is altering my speed dial to reduce the speed,  my  foot control is naff and I kept going too fast making my stitches go tiny!
I just have one last border to do now with feathers, and then fill in around them all with scrolls.

Just one problem, I've nearly run out of red thread, I sent for more, but I must have highlighted the wrong box as I received the wrong colour this morning!
Not to worry thou, I'm itching big time to start a new quilt, its going to be a daffodil one that I'm designing myself.
The only reason I haven't started yet, is that I'm trying to be good and finish my quilts first and not start any more.....   Its really difficult thou!   Scratch  Scratch

Happy Quilting!



Vivian said...

I was wondering how you quilted. I see you use a Bernina not a quilting machine. Beautiful feathers. Do you free hand or stencil?

cw said...

I just took my Bernina out of hiding to see if my freemotion quilting is better on it, or my Pfaff. I have to say I like the Bernina and it's open toe foot much better too. I hope my feathers will turn out as nice as yours! Love that quilt.