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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Pointy points

It has taken me days and several attempts but I finally learnt how to paper piece.

 It was a hard nut to crack thou, its a very backward way to sew, but you get lovely sharp points.

I have been using these Electric Quilt foundation sheets, but found them difficult to tear away, my sharp points have had their stitching pulled away when I removed the paper, I'm going to have to resew them.

I have sent away for Carol Doak's paper instead.

I watched her DVD yesterday and when she pulls the paper out it tears away easily.

I have been looking for a quilt to make using my Kona charms that I bought last year, I got the classic and bright ones, and have decided to make a New York beauty quilt with them and plain white, each block is going to have one colour peaks but with different tones, I'm hoping that it will look quite modern.

While I'm waiting for the paper to arrive, I'll be making up some water Lilie's.

Happy sewing!


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

It will be beautiful done that way!! Let me know how you make out with the new paper, will you? I've only paper pieced once during the Summer Sampler QAL last summer...it worked out well; but backward like you said....I never did get completely at ease with it...it just doesn't come natural to me.Your sample looks very nice...

LynCC said...

Yeah, paper piecing does take a while, can be wasteful until you're confident in cutting good pieces for where they'll land, and then you have to pull all the paper - but I just love the things it facilitates making! :D

Judee said...

Are you shortening your stitch length to 1.5? That helps the tearing process. I, too, will want to know about the paper. Hancock Fabrics has a wash away paper that is really good. It is made by Dritz.

The Nifty Stitcher said...

Hi Patricia
Beautiful points !! Isn't is great to master something new. I use Carol Doak's foundation paper and its great - worth the money.
Have you tried using freezer paper ?
I did the mariner's compass from Lynn Edwards Sampler book , where she uses freezer papaer. I would recommend that method too.

Mary said...

I was looking for a poppy pattern and found your blog....I love your poppy header! Beautiful!

I am Just One Mom said...

I love your frankness in learning paper piecing. Shorten your stitch length and the paper will come off more easily. I use Quilt Pro & Carol Doak's software. Love it's flexibility! Perhaps I will start a NY quilt. You inspire me.