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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Work in Progress

This weeks work in Progress

My hexie project is coming along nicely, I've made loads of hexies this week.

This is not a photo of the offending feathers, but ones that I,m happy with!
 I have fallen out with my quilted feathers, the tips haven't formed nicely on the latest half triangle that i have sewn, so I'm going to unpick them and practice drawing them out before I start quilting them again.

No progress on my Poppy quilt, its waiting in the quilting queue.

I challenged myself to make a grab a button for my blog tonight, I read through a couple of tutorials which made it sound so simple, but its taking ages to get it right!
Don't suppose anyone will grab it, but it will look nice hanging around the side of my blog, just got to figure out how to set up the links for it, a couple more hours and I should have it sorted LOL!!
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Happy sewing!


Rhonda G said...

First of all I have to say I love the way you have organized your hexies. Being I just started doing my first hexies yesterday - and have decided I'm hooked on doing a lot more of them, and what a wonderful way of organizing them all.
Second I love love love your quilt and your feathers are not at all bad. I have to dive in someday and try and I'm sure I can't do half that good. I know I am going to draw them on first or they'd be a total disaster. LOL Great job and lovely lovely quilt. : )

LynCC said...

I really do love your projects. I'm jealous of your tacklebox full of gorgeous hexies. :D Sorry you need to pick out a square of quilting. no fun. But that quilt is so amazing, you'll be glad you redid it in the end!

Annette B said...

Love love you poppy quilt and your box of hexies look good enough to eat.

Annabella said...

Love your rainbow of hexies and kudos on the button - might have to have a go myself!

vivian said...

Those feathers are beautiful! I love how you framed the bouquets.

Connie said...

Your hexie box is soooo cute! Love all the colors! Your feathers look perfect sorry to hear to will pick them out. Your poppies quilt is really neat, you have been busy!

Debbie said...

Oh your hexies are lovely! I gotta be in the mood for them, which isn't often, but sure admire when others do them! Nothing quite like them is there??

Ivory Spring said...

Oh, you have been busy! Love all your WIP's. :)