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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Hexagon Needle case

I found a really cute hexie needle case with a tutorial on how to make it over at My three Sons, and I couldn't resist making my own.

Because I didn't have all the bits I needed to make one exactly the same, I had to deviate from the tutorial, I only had three hexies ( matching left overs), I used one piece of felt and a very small hair band, as I didn't have the right sized ring.

To make mine, I placed  two hexies wrong sides together, with the hair band (cut to size) placed in the middle and I sewed around them.
I cut a piece of white felt the same size as the last hexie and placed it snugly against the wrong side of the  hexie and sewed them together.
Then to finish up I sewed along the top edge of both hexies with the hair band at the top.

I am pleased with the way it worked out, but do wished I had taken more care making it, Its not my most precise effort Lol, but its a template for a matching pink polka dot one I plan to make to match my hexie pencil case and scissors.

Happy sewing!


Stray Stitches said...

Great idea! Thanks for the great instructions.

LynCC said...

very cute!

Bunny said...

Oh My Gosh your blog is amazing. I think your quilting is just spectaular, your Poppies are fantastic I love that pattern. I would love to do one like that. Your hexes are adorable. So happy I found your blog your work is inspiring. WOW for sure.