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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday

I have been trying out fused applique with a straight edge stitch, with swirls on the leaves, the sewing itself went well, but I don't like the way the edges tend to fray a bit, it drives me nuts!!... the fusing that I used was Steam a seam 2, so I have bought some Heat n Bond lite to try instead.

The applique is done the same time as the quilting, which is great as the project has moved along quite quickly.

I have also had a go at Mc Tavishing, but with added bananas and bubbles, and I'm really pleased with the texture that they create.

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Kelly said...

beautiful quilting, and I too love how quickly the raw edge appliqué come together, but the fraying give is a little personality and the more it's washed the more it frays. I really like your red roses with green leaves on white background. Perfect combo.

Elaine said...

Your applique and quilting look lovely. I agree, that fraying gives some personality.

Sue Daurio said...

very pretty applique. Love the quilting. I'm going to try McTavishing on my first quilt this weekend. Been doing lots of drawing and small pieces. Hope mine turns out as nicely as yours.

Kristen said...

Your McTavishing is awesome!!! I love the texture created by tight quilting. I love this rose quilt applique design too.

CHRIS said...

You have done a great job with the quilting, pretty colours too. Happy stitching. Chris

Tracy said...

Love the effect of the stitched applique and the McTavishing!

About that fraying: Most likely the needle is close enough to the edge that in order for it to make room to enter the fabric, it has to push the edges out of the way, causing the threads to fray. If you stitch a little farther from the edge, it won't fray. Also, if you haven't done so, try a smaller needle (makes a smaller entry point).

The Nifty Stitcher said...

Beautiful work Patricia. Just wondering how long you have been machine quilting for?

LynCC said...

Ahhh, That's a really nice McTavishing combo! Very, very pretty rose project

Esther said...

I’m finally able to comment again. Sorry for the delay. I really love this. It's superb and makes me want to make one myself!