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Monday, 16 May 2011

A finally its finished!

Thank goodness my quilt with its new name of Roses around the log cabin is finished.
I can't tell how pleased I am to move on to some new projects, even thou it was a pleasure to make, the length of time it took really got on my wick!!

Some Quilty Pictures

Some Quilty facts

Its made up of 16 log cabin blocks
I used fat quarters of eight different tones four of pinks/red and four of greens. Plus an extra metre of the red
It has both hand applique and blanket stitch
The quilting is free motion feathers and invisible thread around the applique
It was spray basted (My first time spray basting)
The pattern is not my own but one adapted from a book by Keiko Miyauchi called Applique Flowers
It took months to complete January-to last Monday
It will be hung above my sewing machine
It is 48 inches square

I promise not to blog about it ever again!! Lol
Happy quilting



Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

You did a wonderful job on this quilt...it is just beautiful!!

flowerofshona said...

Wow that is stunning !!!!!!!!

Nina-Marie said...

Wowwwwww - it was worth all that work - its gorgeous!! I got a giggle about your promise never to post again. 5 months isn't all that long to finish such a great project! Thanks for the great details on the quilting.

charlotte said...

I know it seemed like forever to finish, and a relief to be done. You did a beautiful job. Congratulations.

Kathy said...

gorgeous, That is so beautiful!

Oops-Lah said...

It looks fantastic. And I don't think it took you very long at all to make it. Congrats.
PS: Show us one more picture of it when it's on the wall.

Donna said...

The back is just as pretty as the front. You should be proud!

Sue Daurio said...

Such a beautiful quilt. I'm going to miss the blog post on this. I never got tired of seeing. Congrats on the finish. Can't wait to see what's coming next.

Anonymous said...

This quilt is absolutely amazing! Great job! I have enjoyed seeing all your post on this project. Thanks for sharing! You have inspired me to keep working on my quilts in progress (or UFO's).

quilter74 said...

I love this quilt!!!!It's fantastic!!

Vania said...

ciao, sono Vania from Italy,
devo proprio dire che sei molto , molto brava,seguo sempre i tuoi bellissimi lavori.Complimenti!

Vania said...

ciao, sono Vania from Italy,seguo sempre il tuo blog e ti faccio i miei complimenti per i tuoi bellissimi lavori.

The Nifty Stitcher said...

Absolutely stunning work Patricia.

Joan said...

Thats a wonderful quilt Patricia . Well worth the time it took I think - just lovely!!

LynCC said...

This is stunningly beautiful and makes me want to make one if I wasn't already swamped with so many UFOs. :D Well done, indeed! It is definitely worth the time you spent on it.

Happy Quilter said...

Your quilts are beautiful with the latest pink flowers so exquisite. The quilting is great for the pattern. Congratulations on finishing it--and you have a place to hang it already.

Varga Györgyi said...

What a great project! It is a real eye-candy :o) Thanks for sharing. Very inspirational.