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Friday, 24 August 2012

Wall quilts

I always make wall quilts, there have only been a few exceptions over the years, I think it's mostly a size thing, wall quilts are smaller, bed quilts are harder to freemotion due to their size and I love the quilting part of making a quilt the best, and there are only three beds in my house so in theory my hobby would be finished already if I made bed quilts even taking into account a summer and winter weight one, I know I could gift some quilts and I have but they take so long to make, only close members of my family have got lucky :)
There are loads of walls in my house thou and I could be seasonal too when I eventually fill them all, but the best thing about putting a quilt on the wall is the sheer enjoyment I get everyday from looking at them!
The following pics are from my lounge.
On the flying geese quilt the quilting only really shows up when I put the lights on in the evening, it's my favourite moment of the day!
Two posts in one day, I think I've got verbal diarrhoea!
Happy sewing! again

It also might be that wall quilts don't get touched or washed often, but that makes me sound OCD so Im sticking with the size thing theory!


Celia Gibson said...

Your quilts are beautiful. Do you use a domestic sewing machine for quilting?

sarapatch said...

Hi Sara

Amira Ameruddin said...

Your quilting is beautiful.. I am also quilting on domestic machine.. but I love long-arm designs..and I pushed myself to do the same design on domestic machine. I am still learning..but so far been quite good. Yours is superb! Come and visit me at my blog. Say Hi if you do.. http://littlemushroomcap.blogspot.com