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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Design Tablet learning curve

Idiot at work
Ive had a couple of mostly frustrating attempts on my design tablet so far, it takes me ages to find a brush setting that works (as I have no clue what are the best settings to use), like an idiot when I find a brush setting I like I dont right it down, so end up repeating the whole exercise of trial and error the next time I use it.
I just realised that I have again not written down any settings, Im such a doofus!


This is the quilting motif that I plan to freemotion around the middle section, it is designed to be repeated and connect.

As I have left the design of this very late and have no way of using a light box to trace the design onto the quilt, I am going to make a freezer paper template for the oval and feather stem, iron the template onto the front of the quilt and then quilt around them and then freemotion the feathers, I could just iron on the template and then use a blue washable marker to transfer the design so will probably try out both methods to see which I like best.

Plea for help
If you are reading this post and use a design tablet yourself, this complete doofus would be ever so grateful for any hints and tips!
Happy sewing!

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LynCC said...

Aww - don't be so hard on yourself. I suspect there are many, many of us who get caught up in the creative process and neglect the business side of things, like noting brush thicknesses! Sorry I'm not a help, as I've never used that product - but I think your design is pretty!