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Monday, 31 January 2011

Applique set up

I like a tidy set up when I'm working (everything in it's place)

I made my own ironing board, it's just the right size for smaller projects (it needs to be recovered soon thou as it has started to go brown in places from the heat)

I use a Clover mini iron, I find it does a really good job and is not as heavy as a normal iron to work with.

I use a templar plastic to make my templates out of, I did  use freezer paper for a long time, but I found it would sometimes crease while turning the fabric over it and then distort the leaf etc

I use small sand paper dots on my templates to stop them from sliding (they are intended for rulers to stop them from slipping when cutting)

I try to keep all my pieces organised in the drawers, and I put the templates in the Hello Kitty pencil case

I use spray starch, I spray directly into the cap and then apply it with a small paint brush that I keep attached to the bottle with an elastic band when not in use

My favourite bit of kit thou is my MP3 player that I use to listen to audio books on

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kathydrewquilts said...

I so enjoyed seeing your set up and I especially love the cabinet your dad made for your. Don't you love your Bernina. I noticed how pretty your blanket stitch was on some of your appliques. Beautiful. I hope to really be able to make some quilts for myself this year and applique is my FAVORITE. I love the comments on how you create your beautiful appliques.