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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Janome horizon 7700

Happy New year, lets hope its a great one, its already started well for me as Father Christmas brought me a new sewing machine, well actually its a second hand horizon that I bought off ebay in early December, but after giving it a quick test run it went away until after the festivities.

I have tried the blanket stitch which I used around the appliqué and now I am doing the free motion quilting, yesterday I had trouble as I was making little knots if the needle kept sewing when I stopped moving the fabric (see photo below), it only took one or two extra stitches, it was never a problem for my bernina but I know now that I need to stop dead when repositioning the quilt, there is a special bobbin case that you can buy for free motion quilting but I'm going to spend longer getting uesd to the machine before I think about buying it as some reviews I've read say that it makes no difference, my tension is off in places but that could be my fault, I have two layers of batting which makes it very puffy so its not easy to sew around the appliqué, the free motion foot is adjustable and is supposed to skim over the fabric so I'm playing with that. 

Its definitely all a learning curve after using a bernina for so long, my foot/speed control needs work and using new feet takes getting used to.

My new years resolution is to sew more, last year I only finished one quilt so I am on a sure winner to keep that one :)


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh beautiful quilt!

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